How long it will take for ODM processing?
The processing is quick; however, idea exchange, quality control, etc. may take a certain period. Before the processing begins, we will notify you of the total cost for design, prototyping and estimated cost per vacuum coating machine price . This may take time to finalize it. In the processing, we maintain stringent quality standards and ensures the products go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of production.

Now Zhaoqing Dali Vacuum Equipment Ltd has fast developed. Dali Vacuum Equipment has been accepted in the glass machining field for its glass machining . The glass washing machine is one of the main products of Dali Vacuum Equipment. Following the mirror coating for glass design, silver mirror will appear more prominent in appearance. The machine is of high quality which enjoys a long service life. We are specialized in vacuum coating technology research , development and production. . paying more attention to the quality of pvd coating,pvd magnetron sputtering will contribute to the brand image establishment of Dali Vacuum Equipment.

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