How about the minimum order quantity for ODM products?
You are welcomed to contact our staff to inquire about the minimum order quantity for ODMed industrial vacuum . In general, the larger quantity you place the order, the more favorable the ODMed product is charged. We suggest that you may order the ODM products at the most favorable price. Based on the actual ODM processing projects, the minimum order quantity could be varied. We will also analyze the needs of different customers to negotiate the quantity of the products.

Zhaoqing Dali Vacuum Equipment Ltd is a well-known company in glass machining industry with its staple being glass coating. The coating machine is one of the main products of Dali Vacuum Equipment. The material of pvd coating is not only superior, but also pvd magnetron sputtering . Our company is an innovative high-technology equipment manufacturer. pvd coating gives full play to the style characteristics of pvd magnetron sputtering . Our coating has the advantages of good adhesion and good diffraction

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